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Tech Tips – Mobile Protection

Do you use apps such as Android Wallet, Samsung pay, Apply Pay, or any app that makes it easier for you to pay for things without having to pull out your credit card or cash? Did you know that using these apps makes your phone a beacon (transmitting signals) to where thieves can gain access to your information without your knowledge? Have you noticed that after purchases you begin to see “ads” for products similar to what your purchased or stores you have visited recently? All of this is part of “Big Data” which is a multi-billion-dollar industry. They collect the data and sell it to other companies. Now is your mobile device protected? Many people don’t think they need to protect their mobile device from hackers, Big Data mining companies, or malicious apps. This includes any mobile device such as tablets and ipads as well. Protect yourself and identity from being stolen or used in a way you did not know. If you have questions please feel free to send us an email at

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